April 15-18, 2009
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Sessions: Abstract

Emerging Web Browsing Alternatives   go to paper

Steffen Böddeker, Canadian Centre for Architecture, Canada
Alexandra McIntosh, Canadian Centre for Architecture, Canada
Adriana Olmos, Bluesponge, Canada

With the constant evolution of the Web, different browsing metaphors are expanding from navigation bars, drop-down menus, and sitemaps. More recent mechanisms such as tag-browsing, timelines, calendars, and the presentation of contextualised content are being offered to support general-purpose browsing. This paper addresses how these browsing alternatives can be used to fulfill the needs of the Canadian Centre for Architecture’s (CCA) on-line audience. The new CCA Web site is presented as an innovative case study for the replacement of a traditional navigation menu in favour of browsing tools supported by search and calendar functions, and shows how different Web browsing alternatives can best be used to support goal-oriented tasks.

Session: Interface Design [Design]

Keywords: browsing, browsing metaphors, browsing alternatives, ethnographic study, design process, case study, user research, field study, UCD, user-centred design