April 15-18, 2009
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Sessions: Abstract

Tour: The Children's Museum of Indianapolis

Angela McNew, Children's Museum of Indianapolis, USA
Darlene Ziemann, Children's Museum of Indianapolis, USA

Visitors will meet in the Welcome Center at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis for a quick tour of the museum on the way to the ScienceWorks gallery to learn about the SciencePort distance education program. SciencePort consists of special science investigations that families and school groups access through an online learning management system. The tour group will partake in an activity in the SciencePort Lab, where SciencePort participants also come to take part in facilitated scientific investigations led by staff. Following the visit to SciencePort, the tour group will have the opportunity to explore the museum while taking part in another science program called Curious Scientific Investigators: The Case of the Mysterious Stain. The museum received a grant from AT&T in 2008 to turn this popular school program into a self-guided web-based experience using handheld devices.

Event: Tour 1 - Indianapolis Museum of Art / Childrens Museum / Zoo [Close-Up]

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