Speaker: Hernan Astudillo
April 9-12, 2008
Montréal, Québec, Canada

Speakers: Biography

Hernan Astudillo

Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria
Avda. Espana 1680

Hernán Astudillo is professor at the Computer Science Department of Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María. He has experience as a Software Architect and object-oriented designer, at home with enterprise application integration (EAI), analysis and design methods (OOAD), and several programming languages (OOP). He has extensive hands-on experience with application architecture, distributed object systems (CORBA and otherwise), O-O techniques (for analysis, design, programming and project management), O-O CASE tools, fast prototyping, and systems programming. Some business functions he has helped to automate are: inter-bank payments, sales commission payment, health provider claims processing, reinsurance underwriting, and remote e-publishing of expert knowledge. Some technologies he has deployed are: web and XML, CORBA systems, centralized and distributed RDBs, object-oriented databases, distributed objects (using C++, Smalltalk, Java and CORBA), Internet publishing, development toolkits, and user-interface management systems (including X Windows and interface prototyping tools). Mr. Astudillo has done research, teaching and publication in several areas of IT, including software architecture, software engineering, systems analysis and design, software reuse, programming language design, distributed databases, and object-oriented databases; and in past lives, queuing theory, discrete-event simulation, and parallel programming editors. He participated in the UML definition and related OMG activities. His main interests and recent work are software architecture (for both applications and distributed objects) and object-oriented development processes. Mr. Astudillo got his Informatics Engineer degree in Chile, and a Ph.D. from the Georgia Institute of Technology, with a Computer Science major and a Management minor. He specialized in Object-Oriented Software Engineering, and wrote his thesis on restructuring of object-oriented libraries with a biological metaphor.

Hernan will present Contexta/SR: A multi-institutional semantic integration platform. [Paper]