April 9-12, 2008
Montréal, Québec, Canada

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The Kids Are All Right: Reaching the Internet Generation using Interactive Web Technologies and NO MONEY

Betsey Brock, Henry Art Gallery, USA
Erin Langner, Henry Art Gallery, USA

Communicating with generations that have grown up in the digital age is an important part of connecting with a museum’s community. Successful interaction with young adults requires museums to use a range of technologies in a way that effectively represents the institution and its mission. As interactive web technologies continue increasing in popularity, new venues for community engagement are becoming progressively more accessible to smaller museums with limited staff and greater budgetary restraints. Learning to use blogs, podcasts, and social networking pages concurrently to create a unified and effective web presence is a resourceful way for museums to take advantage of new media without investing a significant amount of time and money in technologies constantly in flux.

In this demonstration, we will take participants through the network of webpages comprising the Henry Art Gallery’s online presence. Websites on view include Hankblog ( , Henry ArtCasts ( , Facebook ( , Myspace ( , and iTunesU ( ). In addition to experiencing these individual sites, our discussion will emphasize ways to bring together the different versions of the Henry presented in each venue. The Henry’s new website (currently under construction) will also be discussed in terms of its unique approach to integrating and expanding upon the many facets of the museum targeting the Internet generation.

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Keywords: social networking, podcasts, blog, web presence, communication, community