April 11-14, 2007
San Francisco, California


MW2007 featured a variety of sessions exploring all aspects of the creation, development, maintenance and evaluation of Web sites in museums, cultural and natural heritage organizations and science centers.

Sessions are listed chronologically below, or you can see an overview of the program. For more details about types of presentations see the Description of Session Formats.

Thursday April 12, 2007
9:00 am-
10:15 am

Opening Plenary

Universal Access to Human Knowledge (Or Public Access to Digital Materials)

Brewster Kahle, USA

11:00 am-
12:30 pm

Enhanced Galleries

Lignes de temps: Involving cinema exhibitions visitors in mobile and on-line film annotation

Vincent Puig, Xavier Sirven, France

How Shall We Label Our Exhibit Today? Applying The Principles of On-Line Publishing to an On-Site Exhibition

Mayra Ortiz-Williams, Ross Parry, Andrew Sawyer, United Kingdom

Science Mobilized: Bringing Up-To-The-Minute Headlines Into The Museum and Back Out Again: The Times Square of Science and Technology

Anne Balsamo, Wayne LaBar, Dale MacDonald, Scott Minneman, Jon Winet, USA

11:00 am-
12:30 pm

Web 2.0

Case Study: New World Blogging within a Traditional Museum Setting

Jeff Gates, USA

Web 2.0: How to stop thinking and start doing: Addressing organisational barriers

Mike Ellis, Brian Kelly, United Kingdom

Building an On-line Community: Web 2.0 and interpretive materials at the Brooklyn Museum

Shelley Bernstein, Nicole Caruth, USA

11:00 am-
12:30 pm


Why Are They Doing That!? How Users Interact With Museum Web sites

Judy Haynes, Dan Zambonini, United Kingdom

The Use, Usefulness, and Value of Museums in the U.S.

Sarah E. Aerni, José-Marie Griffiths, Donald King, USA

Audiences, Visitors and Users: Reconceptualising users of museum on-line content and services

Jonny Brownbill, Darren Peacock, Australia

2:00 pm-
3:30 pm
Contributed Content

User Contributed Content

Designing a Web Site for Young People: The challenges of appealing to a diverse and fickle audience

Rose Cardiff, United Kingdom

Towards Community Contribution: Empowering Community Voices On-line

Angèle Alain, Canada, Michelle Foggett, United Kingdom

Remixing Exhibits: Constructing participatory narratives with on-line tools to augment museum experiences

Matthew Fisher, Beth Twiss-Garrity, USA

2:00 pm-
3:30 pm

Art Education

Video iPods and Art Education

Julie Springer, Paula White, USA

Expanding Art Museums into Humanities Classrooms: Research on online curricula for cross-disciplinary study

Betsy James DiSalvo, Abigail Franzen-Sheehan, USA

Integrating Visual Thinking Strategies into Educational Web Resources

Wendy Ennes, Christie Thomas, USA

2:00 pm-
3:30 pm

Alternate Realities

Operation Sigismund

Dick van Dijk, The Netherlands

Supporting Social Interaction: A collaborative trading game on PDA

Karin Coninx, Kris Gabriëls, Kris Luyten, Elke Manshoven, Karel Robert, Daniël Teunkens, Heleen Van Loon, Belgium

A Second Life for Your Museum: 3D Multi-User Virtual Environments and Museums

Paul Marty, Michael Twidale, Richard Urban, USA

4:00 pm-
5:30 pm
Contributed Content

Tagging & Terms

Tagging and Searching - serendipity and museum collection databases

Sebastian Chan, Australia

When is a terracotta hut urn like a sailor's deck-log?: Meaning instantiated across virtual boundaries

Richard Smiraglia, USA

Personalized Museum Experience: The Rijksmuseum Use Case

Lora Aroyo, Rogier Brussee, Peter Gorgels, Lloyd Rutledge, Natalia Stash, Yiwen Wang, The Netherlands

4:00 pm-
5:30 pm


Do you know who your users are? The role of research in redesigning

Katrina Alcorn, Dana Mitroff, USA

Reflecting Organizational Change in On-line Presence

Emily Bottis, Christine Klaehn, USA

Transcending the Boundaries of the Museum! Managing Organisational Change in the Museum and on the Web

Jenny Berthling, Anna Engquist, Sweden

4:00 pm-
5:30 pm

Open Architecture & Systems

Addressing the Limitations of Open Standards

Alastair Dunning, Marieke Guy, Brian Kelly, United Kingdom

OpenCollection Web-Based Collection Cataloging and Access Software

Megan Forbes, Carl Goodman, Seth Kaufman, USA

The Service Oriented Museum Web

Gavin Lee Foster, United Kingdom, Petar Bojkov, David Ellis, Ray Shah, USA

Friday April 13, 2007
All Day


Less formal sessions run all day. Choose from a variety of Mini-Workshops, Professional Forums, the Usability Lab, the Crit Room, or the Exhibit Hall.


5:00 pm-
6:30 pm

Best of the Web Awards

Saturday April 14, 2007
11:00 am-
12:30 pm

Cell Phone Tours

Cell Phones and Exhibitions 2.0: Moving Beyond the Pilot Stage

Kate Haley_Goldman, USA

When In Roam: Visitor Response To Phone Tour Pilots In The US And Europe

Nancy Proctor, France

11:00 am-
12:30 pm


Visitor-constructed Personalized Learning Trails

Kevin Walker, United Kingdom

Bookmarking in Museums: Extending the museum experience beyond the visit?

Jonathan Bowen, Silvia Filippini-Fantoni, United Kingdom

11:00 am-
12:30 pm

Evaluation I

Evaluating the Impact of Participation in an On-line Citizen Science Project: A mixed methods approach

Rick Bonney, Stephanie Thompson, USA

From Guerilla Methods to Structured Evaluations: Examples of formative web design from the Exploratorium's Evidence and Mind projects

Melissa Alexander, Sherry Hsi, Joyce Ma, Chach (Kristin) Sikes, Adrian Van Allen, USA

Bringing User Testing into the Classroom: The Moving Here in-class evaluation programme

Nadia Arbach, Martin Bazley, Nicky Boyd, United Kingdom

12:30 pm-
1:30 pm

Instant Multimedia: Results from the Mini-Workshop

Nicoletta Di Blas, Paolo Paolini, Italy, Davide Bolchini, Switzerland

1:30 pm-
3:00 pm

Content Management

Dallas Museum of Art Presents The Arts Network

Homer Gutierrez, Jessica Heimberg, USA

From Casual History to Digital Preservation

Ari Davidow, USA

Within These Walls: Putting Web-Based Resources to Work in the New de Young Museum

Andrew Fox, USA

1:30 pm-
3:00 pm

Small Museums

Facilitating Access: Empowering small museums

Joy Suliman, Australia

A Family of Solutions for a Small Museum: The case of the Archaeological Museum in Milan

Donatella Caporusso, Nicoletta Di Blas, Paola Franzosi, Italy

Who are you calling cheap?

Peter Gray, United Kingdom

1:30 pm-
3:00 pm

Evaluation II

Let's Be Specific: Predicting Return On Investment In On-line Learning Activity Design

Stephen Brown, United Kingdom

Gaining Traction in the Vaseline: Visitor Response to a Multi-Track Interpretive Approach to Matthew Barney: DRAWING RESTRAINT

Peter Samis, USA

One Size Does Not Fit All: Learning Style, Play, and Online Interactives

Steven Allison-Bunnell, Minda Borun, Margaret Chambers, David Schaller, USA

3:30 pm-
5:00 pm

Closing Plenary

Panel and Discussion: What's Next? Challenges in Building the Social and Participatory Web

David Bearman, Jennifer Trant, Canada