April 11-14, 2007
San Francisco, California


MW2007 featured a Museum Professionals' Demonstration Hall on the morning of April 14, 2007. Museum staff members show sites created in a non-profit environment, and explaiedn the workings behind them to their colleagues.

Informal demonstration sessions are your chance to see many sites close-up and talk one-on-one with colleagues about their designs and the decisions that went into them. The Demonstration Hall is set up in the same manner as the Exhibit Hall. Delegates move from booth to booth for individual discussions with Demonstrators.

Download a map of the Demonstration Hall (PDF).

Saturday April 14, 2007
8:00 am-
9:30 am

Demonstrations - 1

Global Origins: A Tool for Connecting Museum Objects to Geography

Charles Moad, Rob Stein, USA

Oral Histories of the First World War and Faces of War (Second World War)

David Hendricks, Canada

Learning@Whitney: A resource for teachers, kids, and teens

Dina Helal, USA - an interactive history of Copenhagen on the net

Johan Møhlenfeldt Jensen, Denmark

Spectacular success of web based, interactive learning

Ingrid Beazley, United Kingdom

Knowledge Exchange: promoting community engagement

Wendy A. Thomas, Canada

Web Designs for Interactive Learning

Rick Bonney, USA

Sites from New York City's African American history

Vivian Ducat, USA

Through the Looking Glass: Representing Cultural Heritage Online

Melissa Carrillo, USA

Great Chicago Stories

Heidi Moisan, USA

Using PACHYDERM to Design an Educational Web Resource for K-12 Teachers and Students

Jacqueline Copeland, Scott Sayre, USA

Mixed Reality Technology at a Natural History Museum

Hiroyuki Arita-Kikutani, Rieko Inaba, Tomotsugu Kondo, Makoto Manabe, Akira Mizuki, Junji Shibasaki, Japan

Living Museum: Middle School Students Create Their Own Exhibitions

Allison Farber, Ray Shah, USA

From Signs to Satellites

Eddy Dawson, USA

Te Ara - The Encyclopedia of New Zealand: An Encyclopedia Created for the Web

Shirley Williams, New Zealand

Access to Heritage Resources using What, Where, When, and Who

Michael Buckland, Frederick Gey, Ray B. Larson, USA

Exploring Earth and Mars

Daniel Barstow, James Harold, USA

The American Image: The Photographs of John Collier Jr.

Catherine Baudoin, Beth Maloney, Jim Spadaccini, USA

Dino Jaws and the Virtuous Circle

John Benfield, Jonathan Griffiths, United Kingdom

Making Local History Relevant Online

Melissa Johnson, Kristin Long, Kristin McCaman, USA

By Aeroplane to Pygmyland: Repatriating and Interpreting Multiple Voices, Sources and Media from a historic New Guinea Expedition

Paul Michael Taylor, USA

An Overview of the Natural Protected Areas in Jalisco

Ana Carr, J. América Loza-Llamas, Ofelia Pérez-Peña, Mexico

Taking a museum experience to your real world with the VOLUMEONE

Junko Iwabuchi, Japan

An on-line recommender system based on Semantic Web technology

Lora Aroyo, The Netherlands

Aberdeen Built Ships

Meredith Greiling, United Kingdom

9:30 am-
11:00 am

Demonstrations - 2

User Analysis and Audience Development for Zeum at Yerba Buena Gardens

Greg Kwangrog Kim, Tiffany Rosenberg, USA

From a Distance: Mobile phones as live broadcasting devices

Lois Lydens, Makoto Manabe, Tomoyuki Ohashi, Japan

Archiving Theatre: texts into performances

Peter Reynolds, United Kingdom

Design Hub - an online magazine and portal to the collections of the world's design museums

Nicole Bearman, Sebastian Chan, Australia

Putting Collections Into the Classroom: The Project

Patricia Erikson, USA

Striking Gold: Mining the Resources of the Crocker Art Museum

Caren Gutierrez, USA

Harvard Masters Series: Access all areas

Jim Devine, United Kingdom, Katherine Burton_Jones, Wendy Constantine, Jason Springer, Kurt Stuchell, USA

Offering tools to encourage the growth of a community

Thomas Schulze, Cassie Williams, United Kingdom


Charlotte Sexton, United Kingdom

Connecting to Your Audiences Through the On-line Wonder Wall

Norm Lownds, USA

A Museums Wiki

Isabel Bernal, Italy, Jonathan Bowen, Silvia Filippini-Fantoni, Eleanor Lisney, United Kingdom


Djana Contier, Renato de Almeida Prado, Marcelo Knobel, Sandra Murriello, Cesar Nunes, Brazil

The Empty Museum. Walking inside the virtual exhibit.

Juan David Blanco, Luis Hernandez Ibanez, Rocio López Mihura, Antonio Seoane, Javier Taibo, Spain

The Presidential Timeline

Kenneth Tothero, USA

Collection X. Exploring public collections and community contributions.

Ian Rubenzahl, Canada

Supporting Expansion: The Mariners' Museum

Chris DallaVilla, Justin Lyons, USA

MORITZ: A European mobile media project for historical textile industry museums

Helmut Eirund, Christoph Klütsch, Martin Koplin, Germany

The MAEP Wiki - An Artists Community Writes its own History

Mike Dust, Jennifer Jurgens, USA

Engaging a Global Audience Online: The International Museum of Women's Imagining Ourselves Exhibit

Paula Goldman, USA

The FRAME website: A foundation for French/American museum collaboration, cultural diplomacy, and regional tourism

Paul Kahn, Dominique Negel, France, Leonard Steinbach, USA

Multimodal interaction for the World Wide Web

Massimo Bergamasco, Marcello Carrozzino, Antonio Frisoli, Emanuele Ruffaldi, Franco Tecchia, Italy

Exploratorium Informal Science Education in Second Life

Paul Doherty, Rob Rothfarb, USA

Researching Canadian Aboriginal History and Ancestry

Chris Kitzan, Canada

Machine Assisted Tagging of Images

James Wang, USA

Industrial Heritage, memory preservation and ICT

Glòria Munilla, Laura Solanilla, Spain

All-on-one-page: linking maps, timelines and social bookmarking to build historical context and visitor engagement

Ian Johnson, Australia