Speaker: Daniel Barstow
April 11-14, 2007
San Francisco, California

Speakers: Biography

Daniel Barstow

Ctr for Earth and Space Science Education
2067 Mass. Ave.
Cambridge MA
02140 USA

Daniel Barstow is Director of TERC's Center for Earth and Space Science Education (CESSE). TERC is an educational non-profit specializing in inquiry-based science, math and technology education. TERC's Center for Earth and Space Science Education is one of the nation's leading centers for research and development in Earth and space science education. With a staff of 30 educators, scientists, curriculum developers, professional development specialists and technologists, CESSE does cutting-edge educational research and development, with a special focus on the use of visualizations and inquiry-based learning to explore Earth as a system. Barstow has been a PI or co-PI on several NSF, NOAA and NASA projects, including Windows On Earth, ISS EarthKAM, GLOBE, National Model Earth Science Lab Course and MarsQuest Online. Barstow also was a co-PI for the National Conference on the Revolution in Earth and Space Science Education, and is a leading voice for state and national policy reform to "make the revolution real" in Earth and space science education reform.

Daniel will demonstrate Exploring Earth and Mars. [Demonstration]