Speaker: Norm Lownds
April 11-14, 2007
San Francisco, California

Speakers: Biography

Norm Lownds

Associate Professor
Michigan State University
4-H Children's Gardens
A240-B Plant & Soil Sciences
Department of Horticulture
East Lansing MI
48824-1325 USA

Dr. Lownds has been working with teachers, students and school gardens for 15 years, first in the desert climate of southern New Mexico and for the past 9 years at the Michigan 4-H Children’s Garden. “Dr. Norm” as he is known in the garden is most interested in promoting curiosity and wonder in children of all ages. Nothing thrills him more than students asking questions and wondering about everything. “Dr. Norm” has worked to elegantly integrate technology into the 4-H Children’s Garden and has helped create numerous interactive computer explorations including: The On-line Wonder Wall, Plant Problems, The Garden Pizza Place, Shakey the Caterpillar, the Plant Builder and many more. “Dr. Norm’s” recent work on the on-line Wonder Wall has grabbed the interest of students and teachers in new and exiting ways that are changing the way students learn. “Dr. Norm” loves to work with teachers and students and reminds everyone to “always ask questions about everything!”

Norm will demonstrate Connecting to Your Audiences Through the On-line Wonder Wall. [Demonstration]