Speaker: Rick Bonney
April 11-14, 2007
San Francisco, California

Speakers: Biography

Rick Bonney

Director of Program Development and Evaluation
Cornell Lab of Ornithology
159 Sapsucker Woods Road
Ithaca NY
14850 USA

Rick Bonney is director of program development and evaluation at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, where he has worked since 1983. He is co-founder of the Lab's citizen science program, and his research focuses on 1) developing projects in which the public actively engages in scientific investigation and environmental conservation and 2) understanding the social and educational impacts of public involvement in science. He advises numerous projects throughout North America that are developing exhibits, curricula, interactive web sites, and community programs focused on science. He has published more than 100 newspaper and magazine articles about birds, natural history, and environmental concerns, and more than two dozen technical papers, reports, book chapters, and conference proceedings about birds and science education.

Rick will present Evaluating the Impact of Participation in an On-line Citizen Science Project: A mixed methods approach. [Paper]
Rick will demonstrate Web Designs for Interactive Learning. [Demonstration]