Speaker: Liddy Nevile
April 11-14, 2007
San Francisco, California

Speakers: Biography

Liddy Nevile

Adjunct Associate Professor
La Trobe University
Computer Science and Computer Engineering
Kingsbury Drive
Bundoora Victoria
3086 Australia

Interested in museums and technology since establishing a classroom in the Museum of Victoria in the 1980's. New forms of interactive computationally-supported environments for learning and cultural activity are of particular interest. Liddy taught law for 15 years, experimenting with computers in this context; 'experimented' with young children all having their own laptop computers in the early 80's; explored opportunities at schools in which every child had a personal computer in the late 80's, and is currently working with those interested in the use of computers by young children in Cambodia. Liddy was Director of the Sunrise Research Laboratory at RMIT University for most of the 90's. Current particular technical interests are in metadata, the accessibility of Web content and how computation can help people learn to learn and in how communities can enrich and preserve their culture, with and without computers.

Liddy will present Forum for Indigenous Culture Building and Preservation. [Professional Forum]