Speaker: Josh Goldblum
April 11-14, 2007
San Francisco, California

Speakers: Biography

Josh Goldblum

Blue Cadet Interactive
2541 18th Street #200
Washington DC
20009 USA

Josh Goldblum is the founding principal for bluecadet interactive. His competencies include interactive design and information architecture, as well as standards compliant XHTML programming and Flash Actionscript. His work has been featured in numerous publications and broadcast programs including Communications Arts, USAToday, People Magazine, NPR's Morning Edition, Fox and CBS News. He has won several prestigious awards including 'Best Education Site' at the Museums and the Web, a MUSE Gold Award at the American Association of Museums and the Macromedia Site of the Day. He was a finalist for two SXSW and flashforward awards.

Josh will present Strategies for the Interactive Narrative. [Mini-Workshop]