April 11-14, 2007
San Francisco, California

Demonstrations: Description

Supporting Expansion: The Mariners' Museum

Chris DallaVilla, MUSEO Group, USA
Justin Lyons, The Mariners' Museum, USA

MW2007 will take place just 4 weeks after the grand opening of the new USS Monitor Center, a 30 Million dollar expansion of the largest maritime museum in North America, The Mariners' Museum ( What perfect timing! Our demonstration was well received at MW2005 regarding our preliminary Web effort for promoting the new expansion and focused generally on interactive online educational resources. This is a great opportunity to present and discuss the second phase of the project which began to roll out soon after and was developed to augment awareness and fundraising efforts overall. We will share information about the design and development of key catch-pages and site destinations focused on developing philanthropic involvement and community engagement as well as information regarding the promotion, analytics tracking, and overall achievement of these efforts. We may also discuss some of the opportunities and challenges faced as we work through phase three of the project, evolving the existing efforts once the expansion has opened.

Demonstration: Demonstrations - 2 [Close-Up]

Keywords: web 2.0, fundraising, membership, development, engagement, new tools