April 11-14, 2007
San Francisco, California

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Djana Contier, Brazil
Renato de Almeida Prado, Brazil
Marcelo Knobel, Science Museum, Brazil
Sandra Murriello, UNICAMP, Brazil
Cesar Nunes, Brazil

NanoAventura (NanoAdventure) is an interactive exhibition designed to attract the interest of the audience in nanoscience and nanotechnology. It was specially designed for children and teenagers (9-14). After 9 months of operation, the exhibition Web site was completely reformulated. With an attractive environment and visual emphasis, the new Web site can communicate better with its target public and better represents the exhibition. The idea was to build an environment that looks more like a visual experience than an informational Web site with textual content. The information levels were restructured and the arrangement of the information was reorganized.

The new Web site has two separate areas. The first is for communication of the project itself, NanoAventura, where there is a virtual map tour with the main information on the exhibition (infographic). The second area is designed to communicate nanoscience and nanotechnology to the general public. This area was projected as a blog to allow the exchange of information between the public and the NanoAventura staff. This blog can be personalized by every user as a powerful tool for specific searches. Also included were three games designed to extend the NanoAventura experience.

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Keywords: nanoscience, nanotechnology, games, infographic, redesign