April 11-14, 2007
San Francisco, California

Demonstrations: Description

Offering tools to encourage the growth of a community

Thomas Schulze, Victoria & Albert Museum, United Kingdom
Cassie Williams, Victoria & Albert Museum, United Kingdom

This demonstration will show how the unexpected uses to which users put the V&A's online tool 'Design Your Own Arts and Crafts Tile' led us to develop a community tool which allows contributors to our site to share their work with friends and family.

In creating this tool, we worked with some of the core users of the 'Design Your Own Arts and Crafts Tile' to plan and test our proposals in order to create a user-focused and user-driven experience. We learned from market leading Web 2.0 sites such as Flickr, and enhanced this tool through services such as keyword tagging, favourites and user created comments.

Demonstration: Demonstrations - 2 [Close-Up]

Keywords: community, tagging, user created content, social networking, Web 2.0, Flickr