April 11-14, 2007
San Francisco, California

Workshops: Description

Beyond blogging: Is it a community yet?

Brent Gustafson, Walker Art Center, USA
Justin Heideman, Walker Art Center, USA
Nate Schroeder, Walker Art Center, USA

This half-day workshop assumes the participants are already familiar with the basics of blogging and hopefully are already bloggers themselves - either personally or for their institution.

Last year we asked "why and how should museums blog?" This year we will pick up where we left off and take a good look at the elephant in the room: Is it working?? From dreams of "community-building" to the reality of empty comment sections, this workshop will lead participants through case studies in museum blogs, goal creation and metrics to analyze success, and finally asks "what's next?" If not blogging, or not JUST blogging, what's our next best plan to build web 2.0 communities?

  • A look back
    • The last year in museum blogs
      • trends
  • Is your blog "working"?
    • case studies: success and failure
      • marketing without marketing: buzz is easy
        • gems from the museum blogosphere
      • what's working and "why"?
      • subjective / objective analysis
    • metrics you can use:
      • who are your visitors?
        • do surveys work?
      • "read full post" in RSS - better stats?
      • stats vs. goals
      • community vs. bottom line ($)
      • is it really just the writing?
        • quality / quantity of posts
  • Strategies, or "you're doing everything right but nobody knows"
    • link trading
    • the big boys: boingboing, digg, slashdot, etc
      • can you get a link?
      • planning for incoming traffic
    • real syndication
  • If not blogs, what?
    • Flickr, MySpace, Second Life
    • pod/vodcasting
      • quick and dirty vs. long and clean

Workshop: Blogging [Morning]

Keywords: blogs, success, metrics, what's next, web 2.0