April 11-14, 2007
San Francisco, California

Sessions: Abstract

Bookmarking in Museums: Extending the museum experience beyond the visit?   go to paper

Jonathan Bowen, London South Bank University, United Kingdom
Silvia Filippini-Fantoni, Antenna Audio Limited, United Kingdom

Over the past few years, some museums have launched multimedia projects (on PDAs, kiosks, and Web sites) that allow visitors to bookmark information of interest for later use at home or in the classroom, in at attempt to prolong the museum experience, build a stronger relationship with the visitor, and facilitate the learning process. Despite its great potential, however, there is still very little evidence that bookmarking actually works in the terms envisaged by its promoters. To consider this question, we will analyze examples of different on-line and on-site applications, accompanied by a detailed investigation of usage statistics and evaluation results carried out in part by the authors and in part by museums. We will consider case studies from Tate Modern, the J. Paul Getty Museum, the Museum of Science in Boston, and The Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose, among others.

Session: Bookmarking [Technology]

Keywords: bookmarking, personalization, evaluation, pre- and post-visit experience, handheld devices, kiosks