April 11-14, 2007
San Francisco, California

Workshops: Description

Web 2.0: Technologies and design strategies for robust online applications

Rob Stein, Indianapolis Museum of Art, USA
Charles Moad, Indianapolis Museum of Art, USA

This workshop will give attendees a detailed look at the underlying web technologies and design strategies that are fueling some of the most popular online applications today. We will examine a variety of web2.0 technologies and standards with an emphasis on designing your own applications to take advantage of this quickly developing field.

Topics to be covered include:

XML: The basis of online applications.

AJAX: Maintaining interactivity for data intensive applications.

Javascript engines for dynamic user interfaces.

The How and Why of Web Services? (SOAP / REST)

Web Application Frameworks (Django, Rails, Zope, others)

Does Object Oriented Software Design apply to the web?

Designing for and using web APIs from Google, Yahoo, Amazon, etc?

Taking advantage of community tools from Flickr, YouTube, and others

Web developers attending this workshop will be left with a comprehensive understanding of how a variety of technologies can fit together to form compelling applications. In addition to a high level discussion of software architecture and design strategies, detailed code examples will be provided for attendees to use as a seed in developing their own engaging online applications. The workshop will also provide links to a variety of open source tools and software environments to speed your development efforts. Ample time for questions and discussion will be given as well.

Workshop: Architecture 2.0 [Afternoon]

Keywords: Web2.0, Software, Application, Javascript, AJAX, API's