April 11-14, 2007
San Francisco, California

Sessions: Abstract

Video iPods and Art Education   go to paper

Julie Springer, National Gallery of Art, USA
Paula White, USA

Image-enhanced podcasting may be ideally suited for teaching and studying visual art. In museums or school classrooms, on-site or on-line, image-enhanced podcasting expands options for those with visual, audial, and kinesthetic learning styles. The iPod’s appeal to young audiences also favors its use in the art museum, where youth are typically underrepresented. This paper reviews the use of podcasting using video iPods during the National Gallery’s 2006 Teacher Institute, Dutch Art in the Golden Age. Participating teachers - most of whom had no experience with the device - created short podcasts on a Dutch painting of their choice after a four-day immersion experience in more traditional art historical subjects. The program goals, instructional design, preliminary findings, and next steps are summarized by the two staff members primarily responsible for its conception and planning.

Session: Art Education [Education]

Keywords: podcast, MP3, teachers, education, art museums, instructional technology