David Asheim
March 22-25, 2006
Albuquerque, New Mexico

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David Asheim

Guide by Cell Inc.
300 Beale Street
Suite 608
San Francisco CA
94105 USA

After leaving a successful career in banking in 1990 David ran large operations for an international diversified service company, including investor relations, finance, benefits and M & A. He then bent his talents to the technology industry where he has been Chairman, CEO, and President of software and technology companies. Most recently he led a company that developed complex software based voice recognition solutions designed to connect users with their computers at work by only using their cell phone. David is now founder and CEO of Guide by Cell a company he formed in order to combine two passions -- technology and the educational experience created through touring museums, parks, cultural exhibits, gardens, tourist attractions and zoos.

David will teach You Rang? Delivering Automated Audio Tours via Patrons' Cell Phones (FULL). [Workshop]