March 22-25, 2006
Albuquerque, New Mexico

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On-line Exhibition


Best On-line Exhibition

Honourable Mention

Monticello Explorer
Thomas Jefferson Foundation

Designed by Second Story Interactive Studios

Judges' Comments

Nice, elegant design, tons of content, I'm interested for hours.

Fantastic. Every aspect of the user experience has been thought through thoroughly to make this interactive visit memorable.

What an exemplary site. This site has used appropriate technology to very good effect.

The site combines an outstanding number of visualization, interpretation, and navigation techniques and technologies in a near seamless manner.


Curating the City - Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles Conservancy

Designed by Hello Design

Judges' Comments

This was an excellent example of a well-executed exhibit of a modest topic - which I think is the key to its success.

The ability to review pictures of buildings over time, their relationship to their neighbors, their structural history, and their impact on people through the memory book creates a rich and multi-layered experience that is never too heavy. is an extraordinary use of the available technology.

Lovely site. Very good functionality, well designed, compelling content.

This is awesome. I love the level of detail and the interface is easy and intuitive.