March 22-25, 2006
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Workshops: Description

User-aware environments for museums

Slavko Milekic, University of the Arts, USA

An average visitor to a museum or gallery collection is often overwhelmed by the abundance of content. This workshop will explore the ways to make a visit to a museum a more meaningful experience for individual visitors using the concept of 'visitor aware' environments. These include environments that are sensitive to viewer's interest like interactive surfaces, RFID tags, intentional gesture recognition and eye- and gaze-tracking. Examples of the actual museum installations and products available on the market will be provided. The workshop is best suited for museum professionals dealing with Educational and New Media components of museum exhibits, IT professionals, and Exhibition Design planners as well as those involved in long-term policy making and strategic planning for museums.

Workshop: Milekic [Morning]

Keywords: attentive user interfaces, intention-based interfaces, gesture recognition, eye-tracking, gaze-tracking