Museums and the Web 2005
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Each year we recognise the best in cultural and heritage Web design. Thanks for helping us identify sites. The judges will consider all sites proposed.

Nominations for the Best of the Web 2005 are now closed.

All sites nominated will be reviewed by a panel of judges.

The winners will be announced at Museums and the Web, in Vancouver, BC, Canada, April 15, 2005.


This is NOT a popularity contest. You will do better with one good justification than with lots of separate nominations.

  • You many nominate the same part of the same site in ONLY ONE one category.
  • Be specific and include as precise a URL as possible, for the part of the site related to the category you have chosen.
  • You may nominate only one site in each category.
  • You may nominate sites even if you are unable to attend the Museums and the Web 2005 Conference.
  • Remember, this is not a popularity contest; sites will be reviewed by the panel of judges.

    Send questions and comments to