Museums and the Web 2005
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Experienced professionals offer in-depth training at pre-conference workshops. Explore topics at an advanced or elementary level.

Introducing Standards Into Your Museum's Web Site

Ted Drake, Superior Pixels, USA
Brian Rountree, Superior Pixels, USA

Workshop: Standards

Is your Web site ready for a facelift? Are you paying for bandwidth on your server and looking to save money? Are you interested in offering visitors with PDA devices access to your site or collections? Are you struggling with accessibility laws? Are you looking for an opportunity to cancel the maintenance agreement you have with an outside Web design company and to bring it in-house? Do you want better search engine results? Do you want your Web site to download faster?


What if you could find the answer to all of these questions in a paper about one workshop at the Museums on the Web conference? It may sound like snake oil but the answer is simple, and you will walk away with an understanding of the Internet's future and how you can transform your museum's site and projects.