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published: March 2004
analytic scripts updated:  October 28, 2010

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Arc-1 Media

Arc-1 Media is a leading broadband marketing communications company. We address the convergence of media across all communication methods, pioneering the integration of graphic design, interactive storytelling, broadcast motion graphics, emerging Internet technologies and branding.

Arc-1 Media consists of marketing and technology strategists, print and web graphic designers, programmers, project managers, content developers and database integrators who specialize in solving your business marketing objectives. We have established a proprietary process for developing interactive media for Museums, Science Centers and online E-learning initiatives. This process has evolved through our experience working with large-scale corporate clients ranging from Fortune 300 to technology companies listed on the NASDAQ. Our project management methodology enhances effective communication with our clients, which ensures on-time delivery, minimizes costs and provides a high-level of customer satisfaction.

Our expertise and track record has enabled us to establish strong relationships with prestigious companies and organizations such as The Science Museum of Virginia, IBM, The Discovery Channel, Microsoft, Nike, NBC, The Smithsonian Institute and Gateway Computers. We have designed successful websites in fields as diverse as engineering, manufacturing, technology, travel, retail sales, health, music and entertainment. We are leveraging the experience from this broad spectrum of industries and applying it to E-learning objectives, online exhibitions and museum environments.

"Technology for the Human Experience".


Nasser Sleem
President, Creative Director
Arc-1 Media, LLC
3771 Halbrooke Place
Richmond VA
23233 USA