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published: March 2004
analytic scripts updated:  October 28, 2010

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Konica-Minolta Corporation

Konica Minolta (KM) is pleased to present the VIVID 910 Non-Contact 3D Digitizer as the ideal scanning tool for art restoration, conservation, museum services and cultural heritage. Actively engaged in 3D imaging technology internationally since 1997, Konica Minolta works in close partnership with leading universities, research institutes and software partners. This global activity puts the company in an ideal position to offer successful product solutions for a wide range of 3D applications.

The design and manufacture of 3D imaging systems is a logical next step in the development of KM's core strengths based on its expertise in color- and light-measurement technology. KM's non-contact 3D digitizers are used in medical science (prosthesis fitting, mouth/jaw/cosmetic surgery), industry (reverse engineering, rapid prototyping), restoration and conservation of art objects and cultural heritage materials (three-dimensional documentation and archiving, virtual museums, virtual restoration, non-contact molding for replication), and in web design and animation (films and cartoons).

KM non-contact 3D digitizers work without touching the object and without damaging it in any way. The object data obtained can be stored digitally or output in analog form so it can be processed and utilized for a wide variety of purposes. Optical measurement systems are thus ideally suited for multi-dimensional imaging and digitization of art objects and cultural heritage materials. The object data collected may be used to conserve art and cultural treasures, for study and research purposes, and as a powerful marketing tool.


Len Chamberlain
Konica-Minolta Corp
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