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published: March 2004
analytic scripts updated:  October 28, 2010

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Diane Andolsek
Vice President, Online Development
Weatherhead Experience Design Group
3220 1st Ave. S
Suite 303
Seattle WA
98134 USA

Diane Andolsek directs all aspects of web development and drives the marketing and business development efforts for WEATHERHEAD Experience Design Group LLC, a convergent media company servicing primarily cultural institutions. The former Director of Online Development for Experience Music Project is an award-winning senior manager and producer. She was executive producer and creative director of emplive.com, EMP's breakthrough web site and the EMP Digital Collection, a web-based reference catalog available both in the museum and on the Web. Andolsek later joined EMP's parent company, Vulcan Inc, as Project Development Manager. There she created the Project Development Team that defined projects and exploited proven methods, technologies, systems, resources, and relationships across multiple projects. Andolsek has also served as an independent recording engineer and producer for numerous film and television projects. She holds a Master of Arts in Media and Educational Technology with an emphasis on instructional design from Fairfield University and a Bachelor of Science in Communication/Radio and TV from Ohio University. Her work has appeared in the International Journal of Instructional Media.

Diane will present The RFP Process: From Request through Proposal.