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published: March 2004
analytic scripts updated:  October 28, 2010

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Puke Ariki – We’ve Got Some Great Stories to Tell
Simon Pickford, Puke Ariki, New Zealand

Demonstration: Demonstrations - Session 2

Puke Ariki (Hill of the Chiefs) is the new united museum, library and visitor information center for Taranaki, New Zealand. Our vision for the Puke Ariki Web site was to create an on-line resource that provided a taste of what can be found within Puke Ariki itself, as well as a showcase for the stories of Taranaki: the people, the places, the events, the myths and legends that make Taranaki such a unique place. The needs of the education sphere were a primary concern in the development of the site. Visitors are able to own the site's contents as they are encouraged to research and write their own Taranaki Story and publish it on the site. This award-winning site is the most in-depth, regional heritage-information site in New Zealand and is also partially bilingual (English and Te Reo Maori). We believe it to be essential viewing for teachers, students, genealogists, historians, and visitors to Taranaki.