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published: March 2004
analytic scripts updated:  October 28, 2010

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Lisa Neal, eLearn Magazine, USA

Workshop: E-learning

e-learning offers great promise for museums to extend their reach and bring the expertise of their staff to virtual visitors. e-learning can offer a richer and deeper experience than is possible within the physical confines of a museum. Some examples where museums have successfully innovated include virtual internships, webcast events, collaborations across distances, virtual personalized guides, make-your-own exhibits, teacher's guides, and on-line courses in which the student plays the role of an historian or forgery investigator.

This full-day workshop covers how to plan, design, deliver, support, and evaluate an online course, seminar, or learning community, with the goal of bringing innovation and creativity to the process of bringing e-learning to a museum. The instructor will draw upon her own experiences developing and delivering online courses, seminars, and communities, and will use case studies to help participants understand some of the challenges in planning and developing effective online learner experiences at museums and in other settings. Questions and discussion about the challenges participants are facing in their own institutions will be encouraged.