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published: March 2004
analytic scripts updated:  October 28, 2010

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Don't Stand in Line - Buy On-line! Developing and Implementing an E-Commerce Site that Works
Debbie Babcock, The Children's Museum of Indianapolis, USA

Mini-Workshop: Dont Stand in Line ...

In an effort to complement the museum's traditional channels of communication and commerce and achieve its business objectives, we have chosen to custom design and develop an E-commerce site. After 2 years of development, we have a site that is flexible, easy to maintain, and successful in meeting the needs of the multiple audiences we serve. Sound like a maintenance nightmare? It's not. Since all products on the E-commerce site are maintained by non-technical staff, the result is maximum accuracy and timely updates. This also affords us the ability to change prices and offerings instantly, enabling us to keep up with the speed of business. This paper will address the development and implementation of an E-commerce site, from exploration of the different elements and possible products offered both traditional and innovative - to its impact on the way the company does business. Included in this process is getting staff buy-in, designing functionality with maximum flexibility, and enabling staff to independently maintain the shopping carts for their areas of responsibility. Finally, we will take a look at evaluation of the project upon completion, and determine "what's next."