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published: April, 2002

Archives & Museum Informatics, 2002.
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0  License


Susie Wise
Senior Producer
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
Interactive Educational Technologies
151-3rd Street
San Francisco CA
94103 USA
Email: swise@sfmoma.org

Susie Wise is Senior Producer and Acting Program Manager for Interactive Educational Technologies (IET) at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA). She has been at SFMOMA for three years during which time she developed the website and CD-ROM programs Making Sense of Modern Art; Art as Experiment, Art as Experience: The Anderson Collection; Ansel Adams at 100; and Eva Hesse. In addition to producing multimedia content, she led the team that created Pachyderm, the museum's browser-based multimedia/Macromedia Flash authoring tool. Most recently she participated in both the development and evaluation of Points of Departure: Connecting with Contemporary Art, a theme-based exhibition of contemporary artwork that featured the use of new technologies as learning tools: IPAQ Gallery Explorer, Smart Tables, and Make Your Own Gallery.

Currently Susie teaches "Museums, Interactive Technologies, and Electronic Access" at JFK University Museum Studies Masters Program and in June she will lecture at the "Critical Issues in Arts and Technology for Arts Managers" program offered by the graduate Program in Arts Administration at Teachers College, Columbia University. Before coming to SFMOMA she had experience developing educational multimedia for McGraw-Hill Home Interactive, Knowledge Universe Interactive Studio, and Morgan Interactive. She has a BA in History and Art History from the University of Pennsylvania.

Susie will present Crit Room - Second Session
Susie will demonstrate PACHYDERM: an authoring tool