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published: April, 2002

Archives & Museum Informatics, 2002.
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0  License


Egyptian Treasures in Europe
Dirk Van der Plas, Centre for Computer-aided Egyptological Research (CCER), Utrecht University, The Netherlands

Demonstration: Demonstrations 1

The site www.EgyptianTreasures.org gives access to the compatible and integrated databases of thirteen museums in Europe, presenting together 21.500 objects from Ancient Egypt with elaborate (bibliographical) information and illustrations. The retrieval system allows combined searches with the help of eight criteria (museum, inventory number, type of object, material, technique, divine names, dating and provenance). Colour images and user-friendly descriptions accompany the objects. The images can be enlarged or even rotated (QTVR). Both information and images can be copied and printed for educational use. The basic mode is geared to the general public. The advanced mode offers more details and inscriptions in hieroglyphic and Coptic writing to professionals. Moreover the site offers a guided tour with spoken commentary to 195 selected objects, an illustrated hyper-linked glossary of more than 500 entries, panoramic views and information on the history of the ten collections. The site is accessible in Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. A CD-ROM presenting 1000 highlights has been awarded a silver medal by the International Council of Museums (ICOM-UNESCO) in 2000.

The thirteen collections participating in the project called Champollion (acronym for: Cultural Heritage And Multilingual Program Of Long-standing Legacy In Open Network) so far are: Allard Pierson Museum (Amsterdam, the Netherlands), Royal Museums for Art and History (Brussels, Belgium), National Museum of Ireland (Dublin, Ireland), Egyptian Museum (Florence, Italy), Roemer- and Pelizaeus Museum (Hildesheim, Germany), National Museum of Antiquities (Leiden, the Netherlands), Egyptian Museum (Leipzig, Germany), Institute for Papyrology and Egyptology (Lille, France), National Museum for Archaeology (Lisbon, Portugal), National Museums & Galleries on Merseyside (Liverpool, England), National Museum for Archaeology (Madrid, Spain), the Hermitage (St. Petersburg, Russia), Museum of Art (Vienna, Austria).

Presently 8.000 Egyptian objects dating from the Predynastic to the Coptic Period are accessible through the site. The addition of 6.000 artefacts is scheduled for every year. A module is being prepared to allow other museums to add their Egyptian Collections on-line. Egyptian collections, which are interested to join the project, are warmly welcomed.