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EBStor Inc., Inc. ( was incorporated in the state of Virginia on July 27, 1999 as a subsidiary of PACEL Corporation to provide technology portals to the business community. Launched as a natural offshoot of its parent company, concentrates its efforts in the Internet e-commerce and services arena. Established as a software development and systems integration company, PACEL, a publicly held company, has been in business since May of 1994. During its startup phase a number of software products were successfully developed and are being actively marketed in the business and retail communities.

During the 3rd and 4th quarters of 1998 and 1st quarter of 1999 a number of opportunities in the Internet, and e-commerce arena began to develop for PACEL. was incorporated to concentrate on these Internet and e-commerce opportunities, allowing PACEL to focus on their software development and systems integration capabilities. Since our incorporation we have developed and delivered a number of e-commerce and traditional web sites to a wide range of clients including television and music personalities, ISO consultants, museums, and business entities. Our relationship with PACEL has provided us with a solid client base and working capital to enable rapid growth and continued success. provides a number of Internet services including web page, e-commerce, and database design, maintenance, and hosting. Our graphical capabilities include site theme design, scanning and touchup, as well graphical layout and animation. Our e-commerce services include site design, shopping cart set-up, database and catalogue development, as well as merchant account and fulfillment house consulting. E-mail capability can be provided at the customer's request. offers a number of standard development and hosting packages from which a customer may choose. Custom development is also offered on a per hour basis, or the customer can mix and match packages and customization to meet their needs.

Additionally, we have negotiated web partnering agreements with a select group of customers who wish to develop e-commerce capabilities while mitigating their time requirements and up front consulting and design costs. For these partners, we provide full e-commerce services including web page and database design, as well as assistance in domain registration, merchant account setup, fulfillment house contracting, and search engine listing. These services are provided for a minimum up front development fee along with a negotiated percentage of the sales generated by the site.

In addition to traditional and web partnering agreements, we have contracted with PACEL to provide the Internet database design and maintenance services for their Child Watch software program. The Child Watch program was designed in conjunction with Child Watch of North America, a not-for-profit organization established to find and assist missing and exploited children. PACEL Corp has developed a software program that provides access security software programs and files on the users computer, along with an up-dateable screen saver of missing and found children. The software product is being offered free to interested parties via Internet download and Child Watch sponsor distribution. An add-on service, which allows parents to block non-family-friendly web sites is offered by PACEL for a monthly charge.

Our web development team is knowledgeable and experienced in all areas of web, e-commerce, graphics, and database design and development. We provide a wide range of expert designs to enable our clients to present a site that reflects their business's image and character. Our consulting and partnering services enable our web partners and clients to enter the Internet community without having to become e-commerce or Internet experts. We concentrate on customer relations from the beginning of the project, through development, and during the post development phase. We hold telephone and in-person consultation sessions and encourage follow-up discussions. This kind of personal service is often lacking in the Internet field, and we believe it is one of our strongest competitive tools.

For additional information, please visit us online at,, or to reach us at our corporate headquarters in Manassas, Virginia, please call (703) 257-4759. Our Business Development Manager, Gary Powers, can be reach electronically at


Francis Gary Powers, Jr.
Business Development Manager
8870 Rixlew Lane, #201
Manassas VA
20109 USA