October 24-26, 2007
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Speaker: Davide Orlando


Davide Orlando

Politecnico di Milano - Sede di Como
Via Konrad Lorenz 14
22100 Italy

Davide is a young entrepreneur who is leading a group of four people in the construction of the i-muse™ videoguide system, a project hosted at the startup incubator of the Politecnico di Milano since December 2006.

The idea to build an innovative videoguide system was developed during 2005 when he commissioned to the Centro Volta research center of Como the feasibility study for the project. He then proceeded to assemble the team during 2006, searching for people with the complementary skills needed to turn his initiative into an entrepreneurial project. In 2001, while completing his studies in Computer Science at the Politecnico of Milano, he worked as full-time programmer at Trecision, one of the few Italian software houses active in the videogaming industry, for the development of the physics engine of a scooter racing game running on a multiplatform middleware 3D graphics engine. In 2003, he worked as an independent developer creating educational software for mobile devices. His software for Euro coins collectors got a series of national and international awards.

In 2005, he started working as a freelance consultant, and in 2006 he developed the hardware and software system for the tailor shop Sartoria Orefice in Cernobbio under the scientific coordination of the Centro Volta research center, a success case in process innovation applied to a five-generation traditional enterprise which allowed him to specialize in software usability issues.

He now manages and is the programmer of the i-muse™ project.

Davide will demonstrate i-muse™ - Interactive Museum. [Demonstration]