October 24-26, 2007
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Speakers: Biography

Speaker: Laura Pecchioli


Laura Pecchioli

Architect - PhD Student
IMT Institute for Advanced Studies
IMT Istitution Markets Technologies
Via San Ponziano 6
55100 Italy

Laura Pecchioli, PhD Student (Arch.), got her Laurea Degree in 1999 at the Faculty of Architecture of University of Florence and her thesis was on "The use of the bioclimatic to protect an archaeological site".

She worked in the research group in Restoration and Conservation of Architectural and Archaeological Cultural Heritage, in the Department of Architectural History and Restoration at the Faculty of Architecture in Florence (DIRES), and was Tutor for Students attendant and Lecturer in the ‘Restoration and Conservation of Architectural and Archaeological Cultural Heritage’ course. From March 2004, she was admitted to Post Lauream in Technologies and Management in Cultural Heritage, High Qualification Studies, IMT, Lucca (Italy).

Her research focuses on heritage management and conservation studies and now on the use of GIS 3D to visualize information. She continues her studies in archaeological and architectural restoration and she believes that an interdisciplinary approach to research is needed.

Laura will demonstrate Accessing information through a 3D interactive environment. [Demonstration]