October 24-26, 2007
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Speakers: Biography

Speaker: Brian Bell


Brian Bell

Executive Director
65 University Street
Suite 239
Ottawa Ont
K1N 9A5 Canada

Brian Bell was appointed Executive Director, AlouetteCanada, in October 2006 for a one-year secondment from the Oakville Public Library where he has been Director of E-Services since 1987. He has served as Chair of the Canadian Initiative on Digital Libraries; Chair of the Canadian Community Information Online Consortium; Member of the Board of Inform Canada (the coordinating body for the roll out of the 211 service for Canada); President of the Ontario Library and Information Technology Association; President of the Ontario Library Association. Brian is currently on the planning committee for the Canadian Digital Information Strategy (Library and Archives Canada ); Board member and Chair of the Technical Committee for Canadiana.org; and serves on the Technical Committee of Knowledge Ontario, an initiative of the Ontario Library Association. Brian was presented the W.J. Robertson Medallion for Public Librarian of the Year at the Ontario Library Association Annual Conference in February of 2007.

Brian will introduce AlouetteCanada: Canada's National Open Digitization Initiative. [Briefing]