October 24-26, 2007
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Speakers: Biography

Speaker: Geneviève Aitken


Geneviève Aitken

Documentation Researcher
Palais du Louvre, Porte des Lions
Paris Ile de France
75001 France

Bachelor in history of Art (Sorbonne), and Graduate of the School of the Louvre, she is specialist of paintings from the XIX and XXth century.

Employed as a historical researcher at the C2RMF since 1990 she is in charge of the scientific library and of the EROS database. Member of several European (NARCISSE, MENHIR, CRISTAL, CRISATEL,SCULPTEUR) and national projects (ART3D, Métamorphose, EROS3D, TSAR and DIVINE), She has contributed to the development of the thesaurus related to conservation-restoration terminology for canvas paintings and to the CRISATEL electronic handbook.

Geneviève will present Archive Visualisation and Exploitation at the C2RMF. [Paper]