October 24-26, 2007
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Speakers: Biography

Speaker: Eric Kansa


Eric Kansa

Executive Director
UC Berkeley, School of Information
Information and Service Design Program
125 El Verano Way
San Francisco CA
94127 USA

Eric C. Kansa is Executive Director of the Information and Service Design (ISD) program at UC Berkeley's School of Information. The ISD Program supports research in "service science" and a clinical program that integrates research and instruction in collaborative IT projects. Before joining UC Berkeley in 2007, he was co-founder and Executive Director of the Alexandria Archive Institute, and led development of Open Context, an online system for publishing collections and field research in archaeology and natural history. After earning his doctorate in 2001 at Harvard University, he joined their Anthropology faculty for two years as Lecturer and Undergraduate Tutor. His research efforts focus on open scholarly communication, information architectures for the field sciences, and intellectual property frameworks for field-based research. Eric is currently Convener of the Society for American Archaeology's Digital Data Interest Group and serves on a committee guiding cyberinfrastructure efforts.

Eric will demonstrate Open Context: Collaborative Data Publication to Bridge Field Research and Museum Collections. [Demonstration]