October 24-26, 2007
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Speakers: Biography

Speaker: Nick Ryan


Nick Ryan

University of Kent
Computing Laboratory
University of Kent
Canterbury Kent
CT2 7NF United Kingdom

Nick Ryan is a member of the Pervasive Computing research group in the Computing Laboratory at the University of Kent, Canterbury, UK. The group has a wide range of experience, particularly in deploying systems in rugged outdoor environments. He has worked in ubiquitous/pervasive computing since the mid-nineties, concentrating in the area of data capture and information access applications for use in the field sciences, including archaeology and ecology. This work led to an interest in support infrastructures for a wide range of ubiquitous applications, including the development of the Kent MobiComp infrastructure.

Nick will present CIMAD/EPOCH - A Framework for Developing Customized Multi-channel Cultural Heritage Services. [Paper]