October 24-26, 2007
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Speakers: Biography

Speaker: Harald Kraemer


Harald Kraemer

University of Berne
Institute of Art History
Hodlerstr. 8
Berne Berne
3011 Switzerland

Harald Kraemer is the Director of Artcampus, an online learning course, developed by the Institute of Art History at the University of Berne in Switzerland (www.artcampus.ch) , which offers an introduction in the methodology of art history. As Co-Founder of Transfusionen (www.transfusionen.de) Kraemer is also publisher, information architect and creative producer of several interactive media applications offline and online (Virtual Transfer Musée Suisse, Vienna Walk) as well as consultant for museum informatics. From 1999 to 2001 Kraemer developed the project Documentation and Methodology of Contemporary Art for the German Research Foundation (DFG) at the University of Cologne. He received his Ph.D. in History of Art on museum informatics and digital collections from the University Trier/Moselle and he also has a MA in Museology from the Institute for Cultural Sciences in Vienna. He has written many scientific papers and published some books, to name a few: Museumsinformatik und Digitale Sammlung (WUV, 2001) and Euphorie digital ? (Transcript, 2001). At present he is still working on a book about 'hypermedia, scientific visualization and museums'. Kraemer is Visiting Lecturer/Associate Professor at the universities of Berne, Zurich, Konstanz, Luneburg and Krems/Danube and as of 2001 he is board member of H-Museum, the Network for Museum Professionals.

Harald will present Simplicity, slowness and good old stories as strategies and perspectives of design in hypermedia and media. [Paper]