October 24-26, 2007
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Speakers: Biography

Speaker: Brian Jones


Brian Jones

Research Engineer II
Georgia Institute of Technology
Interactive Media Technology Center
bldg TSRB, Suite 314A
85 Fifth St NW
Atlanta GA
30341 USA

Brian D. Jones is a Research Engineer II at the Interactive Media Technology Center (IMTC) at Georgia Institute of Technology, where he has worked since 1993. He has been involved in numerous research projects during this time, including: developing cutting-edge, educational, multimedia information systems or kiosks, websites, CD-ROMs, and interfaces; examining, producing and demonstrating a custom application to generate orthographic images from video; investigating full screen interactive video in kiosks; and exploring advanced human motion-capture techniques. With particular focus on custom interactive museum exhibits, Brian has led and/or authored many projects at IMTC including: the Gates of Paradise Interactive Kiosk developed for the High Museum of Art for the Ghiberti Gates of Paradise Exhibit and will travel with the exhibit to the Art Institute of Chicago and the Metropolitan Museum of Art; The Millennium Gate Philanthropy Gallery, a large screen interactive currently under development to teach how philanthropy has shaped the city of Atlanta; The Mating Game, an online and onsite interactive for Zoo Atlanta teaching how Species Survival Plan Coordinators choose mates for Gorillas; and Down the Fairway with Bobby Jones for the Atlanta History Center, providing classic golf instruction from two of the masters along with an opportunity to tour East Lake and play a hole with Bobby Jones.

In addition, Mr. Jones is Assistant Director of the Aware Home Research Initiative and Manager of the Aware Home facility, a residential laboratory where Georgia Tech students from a variety of disciplines are researching new technologies for the home, including Aging in Place, early detection of childhood developmental disorders, entertainment applications, and innovative technologies leveraging the home infrastructure. Mr. Jones has facilitated numerous collaborations in this space, in particular, in the area of Aging in Place.

Brian will demonstrate The Gates of Paradise Interactive Kiosk. [Demonstration]