October 24-26, 2007
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Interaction models and adaptive approaches for a museum guide for families   go to paper

Ron Wakkary, Simon Fraser University, Canada
Leora Kornfeld, Canada
Marek Hatala, Canada
Karen Tanenbaum, Simon Fraser University, Canada
Kevin Muise, Simon Fraser University - Surrey, Canada

In this paper, we analyze the current state of museum guide technologies and applications in order to develop an analytical foundation for our future research in an adaptive museum guide for families. We have focused our analysis on three critical areas of interest in considering group and social interaction in museums: tangibility, the role of tangible user interfaces; interaction, visit types and visit flows; adaptivity, user modeling approaches.

Session: In-Museum Engagement [Museum]

Keywords: museum guides, adaptive museum guides, tangible user interfaces, user models, group interaction, mobile, family