October 24-26, 2007
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Artistic Work Life-Cycle Archiving   go to paper

Nicolas Esposito, CNRS - Heudiasyc, France

Gathering knowledge about artistic works and creators is generally not very hard (i.e. databases about cinema or music). But, it is harder to learn about the life-cycle of these artistic works (i.e. how a film is made). Then, we can think about a database about the life-cycles of artistic works with project management features.

This paper presents a framework (Life-Cycle Description Framework) which contains a method to archive the life-cycles of artistic works and a tool to reuse them. It allows experts to build a documentation, to build database entries, and to write project templates. And it allows Web surfers to get this documentation, to retrieve the database entries, and to launch projects.

The method includes an evaluation step to validate the project templates with the help of some creators. Thus, the Web surfers do not only rely on the quality of the expert work.

The first part of the Life-Cycle Description Framework (documentation) has been successfully carried out since 2005. The two other parts (database and project follow-up) have been tested internally since a few months. The first promising results will be followed by a public beta release. We will also work on non-artistic domains.

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Keywords: artistic works, life-cycle, archiving, preservation, cultural knowledge, acquisition, retrieval, production process