October 24-26, 2007
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Sessions: Abstract


Archive Visualisation and Exploitation at the C2RMF   go to paper

Geneviève Aitken, C2RMF, France
Christian Lahanier, C2RMF, France
Ruven Pillay, C2RMF, France
Denis Pitzalis, C2RMF, France

The C2RMF possesses a vast collection of scientific data on the works of art held within all of the museums of France. This data ranges from historical documents and film plates to high resolution multispectral imagery and 3D models. This collection is managed and made available via a custom content management system. In this paper, we give an overview of the range and complexity of data available and describe how these have been made available for scientific research. We will also describe how we have applied visualization techniques to more fully exploit and analyze the rich imaging content, our transition to interactive Web 2.0 technologies and how we have used freely available on-line resources, such as mapping data, to enhance access to our content.

Session: Visual Documentation Strategies [Documentation]

Keywords: imaging, high resolution remote viewing, 3D modelling, content management, geolocalization, Ajax