Carrie Heeter
March 22-25, 2006
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Speakers: Biography

Carrie Heeter

Michigan State University
Telecommunication, Information Studies and Media
2467 Funston Avenue
San Francisco CA
94116 USA

Carrie Heeter is founding Director of the Communication Technology Laboratory and Creative Director for Michigan State University's Virtual University Design and Technology group. She is a PI for the GEL Lab (Games for Entertainment and Learning) and a Professor of Digital Media Arts in the Department of Telecommunication where she teaches online design and design research courses. Games are the next generation of deeply designed high impact digital media experiences. Games bring together interactivity, virtual reality-like immersion, and carefully orchestrated user experiences. Commercial games are intended to make money and be fun. Heeter wants figure out how to create very different games to teach and help people change themselves and the world — and have fun. Games are perceived as a male medium. She is also exploring gender differences in game play styles and what creating girl-friendly games might look like. Games for informal science learning are a particular interest. Heeter has worked closely with the Michigan 4H Children's garden to design technology-enhanced learning experiences which mix the physical garden and technology.

Carrie will present Connecting Beyond The Field Trip: The On-line Wonder Wall. [Mini-Workshop]
Carrie will demonstrate Backyard Animal Travel Adventure. [Demonstration]