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published: March 2004
analytic scripts updated:  October 28, 2010

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Museums and the Web 2004

Proposal Submission Form

All fields in colour are required.

1. About your Proposal:
Type: Only Demonstrations proposals are being accepted, through December 31, 2003.
Institutional Web Site:
   (record personal web sites when you add authors below.)
Abstract: (maximum 500 words)

AV Request:

I will use an MW2004 computer.
All podiums at MW2004 are equipped with a PC and/or iMac with a Web browser, live connection to the Internet, and a projector and screen appropriate to the size of the audience/room.

I will bring my own computer (described below).

Specify make and model:

You may use your own laptop or other computer to project, if it has standard PC or Mac interfaces (MW2004 will provide cables). You can connect to the Internet of you have a standard IEEE Ethernet port and appropriate TCP/IP software installed (again, we'll provide cables).

I would like MW2004 to provide the following specific equipment (not guaranteed).

MW2004 will attempt to obtain special equipment, but speakers may need to arrange it on their own.
Specify OS:
Specify MB RAM:
Specify minimum MHz:
Storage -
Specify MB required if > 100:
Media -
Specify type and (ZIP, CD, DVD) if removable media drive required:
Projection -
Specify overhead transparency, 35 mm slide, computer @ 800x600, computer @ 1024x768; specify if more than one needed; specify if multiple simultaneous screens needed:
Boards, Software & Other Devices
Specify any/all special dependencies/ equipment with technical details and indicate if you can supply it:
2. About You:  


Use the Authors
Sub-form to enter the authors of your proposal.

Begin by choosing "Add Author"

3. Submit

4. Acknowledgment

You will receive an email acknowledging your proposal; if you do not, please email mw2004 @ archimuse.com.

The Program Committee will communicate its decision by email to the address(es) given in your proposal. Email is the preferred mode of communication for MW2004.