Monday September 1, 1997
14:30 pm - 17:30 pm

5. Copyright and other IPR concerns: what progress?

Jeremy Rees, IVAIN, UK and
Emanuella Giavarra, European Copyright User Platform (ECUP), EU

How much nearer are we to the achievement of "a legislative and economic environment that fosters collaboration and a search for consensus rather than confrontation and litigation" ?
(Committee on Libraries and Intellectual Property of the National Humanities Alliance, USA : from Basic Principles for Managing Intellectual Property,
24 March 1997)

The workshop will consider some of the current national and international initiatives, including topics relating to Museum and Gallery ownership, WWW usage, education site licensing, Fair Use concepts in an international context.

The European Commission facilitated Memorandum of Understanding on multimedia access to Europe's cultural heritage - does it have a future ? G7 and multimedia access to world cultural heritage - what progress ?

What came out of the WIPO December 1996 Conference - and what is now happening in international follow through. How will it affect Museums, Galleries, education and individual usage of digital media ?

What are the likely future roles of Copyright Collecting Societies; of picture libraries; of Electronic Copyright Management Systems (ECMS); of digital cash and micro payments ?

Participants will be invited to contribute their views as to what information they feel they need about IPR and its future progress - are they able to get this or how this can most usefully be made avaliable to them. Do Museums and Galleries have a meaning role in national and international IPR debate and evolving proposals. Should ICOM (possibly through CIDOC) be playing an international information and lobbying role. Should there be working links with the Libraries lobby ?

A previous knowledge of basic concepts and current practicalities of IPR will be assumed.

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