Monday September 1, 1997
14:30 pm - 17:30 pm

4. Multilingual Terminology: Theory and Practice

Murtha Baca and
Pat Young, Getty Information Institute, USA



In the vast, chaotic, seemingly “boundary-less” world of cultural heritage information, terminology has become crucial not only for data entry and cataloguing, but increasingly as a means to provide access to information as well. This workshop will focus on how to build multilingual terminologies from pre-existing structures or “backbones” (to save on the huge drain of human resources, time, and funding that building vocabularies “from the ground up” entails), and on issues and problems that have emerged in multilingual terminology projects to date. The careful construction of multilingual lexicons and knowledge bases is crucial if we are to provide intelligent, reliable access to a vast range of information, and prevent the Internet from being dominated by the English language.

This workshop will also present practical methodologies for organizing and managing collaborative projects in multilingual terminology work across boundaries of time, place, and of course language. It will also address issues of systems implementations for multilingual lexicons in the global information society.

The workshop will be conducted primarily in English, with overheads and handouts in French and English.

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