Monday September 1, 1997
9:00 am - 12:30 pm

3. Information Standards for Museums: Models for structured documentation

Alain Michard, INRIA/Aquarelle, France

  1. Welcome
  2. 10 minutes
    Alain Michard, INRIA/Aquarelle, France

  3. SGML and XML: standards for long-term life of multiple media cultural documentation
  4. 40 minutes
    Richard Light, Consultant, UK

  5. SGML at work (through examples)
    1. CIMI
    2. 30 minutes
      Gordon McKenna, Museum Documentation Association, UK

      The CIMI DTD focuses on museum textual information such as exhibition catalogues, wall text as well as object records

    3. AQLCI
    4. 30 minutes
      Antoine Rizk, Euroclid

      AQLCI is an Aquarelle DTD for documenting "immobile assets", that is monuments, sets of monuments, sites, unmovable sculptures and objects, etc. It makes strong use of georeferencing, and organises the documentation as a hierarchy of elementary documents along the geographical inclusion relation.

    5. EAD
    6. 30 minutes
      Paul Watry, University of Liverpool, UK

      The Encoded Archival Description (EAD) DTD is for archival finding aids.

  6. Metadata for SGML documents
  7. 30 minutes
    Anne-Marie Vercoustre, INRIA, France

  8. The Concept-Net Project: an XML-based distributed encyclopaedia.
  9. 30 minutes
    Alain Michard, INRIA/Aquarelle


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