An Objective and Subjective Comparison of Audio Restoration Systems
Sergio Canazza , University of Padova, Italy
Giovanni De Poli , University of Padova, Italy
Gian Antonio Mian , University of Padova, Italy

Short Paper: Short Paper 1: Restoration and Preservation

This paper presents the results of a perceptual test to evaluate the quality of different audio restoration algorithms based on Short Time Spectral Attenuation method and on Kalman filter. The protocol by International Communication Union (ITU.R P.800) was used. First, a set of audio stimuli played with different instruments (i.e. different bandwidth, transients, and timbre) was selected and different impulsive and broadband noises were added. Commercial software and proprietary algorithms were used to restore the corrupted stimuli. Twelve subjects were asked to evaluate the restoration quality compared with the noise free recordings. Statistical multivariate analysis was performed and accurate evaluation of the restoration techniques used was achieved. These results permitted to relate the esthetic judgement categories used by listeners with the main features of the restoration techniques used.


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Published: 01/09/01
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