MauroTeX - A Language for Electronic Critical Editions
Pier Daniele Napolitani , University of Pisa, Italy
Paolo Mascellani , University of Siena, Italy

Short Paper: Short Paper 7: Data Models

MauroTeX, an extension of the well-known LaTeX typesetting system, is a language designed in order to completely describe philological critical editions of ancient mathematical and scientific works. It provides a set of macros that the editor can use starting from the early stages of the edition (the transcription and the collation of the different "witnesses" of the edited work), and ending with the building of several "critical apparata".

The outcome of the process, is a marked text, suitable both for (semi-) automated analysis, such as the extraction of the transcription of the text of a "witness" (as long as it critical apparata), or the analysis of concordant errors, and for the automatic production of typographical quality (postscript and PDF at now) and hypertext (HTML) versions of the edition.

MauroTeX is thus a major step in transforming the traditional techniques of the ecdotics into more modern techniques, which allow editors to work better, obtaining better results, without substantially changing their acquired work skills.


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